What is Kratom? Canada's latest gift from nature.

Mitragyna speciosa (kratom)is a well-known to many as a kind and gentle herb of the coffee family.

Kratom Canada contains alkaloids which are thought to play a beneficial role on the immune system and lower blood pressure, as well as epicatechin, the powerful antioxidant, which can also be found in dark chocolate and green tea.

Kratom is known to help with pain relief, anxiety and stress reduction beside being a relaxant, sleep aid and sedative.

Thai kratom is known for energizing effects and as a sexual stimulant. It lasts for about 4-6 hours.

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Canadian Botanicals - Kratom Capsules

New from Canadian Botanicals, Kratom Capsules.  By customer request, we will be introducing kratom capsules in early 2017. Kratom capsules will be approximately 1g in capacity, produced in Canada under strict regulations that govern the pharmaceutical and food industries, and are tested for micro contaminants, heavy metals and solvents. Ordering may be similar, only with an option to receive kratom capsules rather than powder. Pricing will be slightly higher to account for extra packaging required. Please be patient with us while we implement this new option in the near future. More info on Kratom Capsules. @Kratom_Canada

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Kratom Canada!

100% Organic Kratom

Kratom Canada!

Canadian Botanicals Kratom Powders and crushed leaves are made of freshly dried and high quality leaves. Canadian Botanicals Kratom leaves are harvested daily from the older trees in the Asian jungles, all are 100% organic. Due to skilled harvesting and drying techniques the leaves contain a high alkaloid content. Every shipment is checked for quality and potency. For this reason, Canadian Botanical’s kratom in Canada is widely known as the “best kratom around”. Check us out on twitter @Kratom_Canada

Import and regional herbs direct from the farmers.

How we are different?

We source our select herbs from local farms or imported to Canada directly from international farms. Our kratom Canada originates directly from South East Asia farms.

Always Fresh

We only order enough to fill demand so that when you receive your order you can be guaranteed freshness, and not a product that has been sitting in storage for months.

Truly Canadian

Canadian Botanicals is a 100% Canadian owned and operated business. Our kratom products are packaged and sealed in Canada, truly making it a Canada product.

100% Organic Kratom Canada

We have contracts with major organizations from in and outside of the Canada.

Top selling Kratom in Canada

Red Thai

Highly popular kratom in Canada is the Red Thai Kratom strain, offering deeply relaxing effects. Works as a great mood enhancer or brightener as well as offering potent pain relief. This strain offers long lasting effects.

Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is renown for it’s higher that average alkaloid levels, reportedly being very relaxing and sedating, as well as having the strong analgesic qualities found in other red vein strains. This is a kratom Canadian’s will find hard to beat.

Sumatra Red

One of the more rarer strains of kratom in Canada is Red Vein Sumatra kratom; a very gentle, mellow leaf.  Among the most sedating of kratom varieties.  Great for helping with sleep, and also very good for pain relief. Many use to make kratom tea.

Sumatra White

Sumatra White Vein kratom can lead to an energized feeling and uplifting emotions. Used alone or in kratom tea, Sumatra White  produses strong mental focus and concentration.

Fun History Facts

Kratom Canada Fun Facts

Kratom has been used for thousands of years in the south of Thailand, and Southeast Asian cultures, and for many communities is viewed as a normal part of daily life. One of the many plants living in relative anonymity in many parts of the world that provides natural remedies to common everyday ailments without the use of pharmaceuticals. Interestingly enough, the country it originated in, Thailand, was the first to ban Kratom cultivation not for health issues, addiction or anything else, but because there was substantial tax revenue from the sale and tax of opium, and kratom represented a threat to their revenue stream. Kratom is currently is legal to import, possess, and use kratom in Canada. You can buy kratom in Canada in various forms like kratom tea, kratom capsules or in bulk as kratom powder.

Making Kratom Tea

kratom tea

While many folks enjoy the “toss and wash ” strategy of kratom in Canada, however making it into a kratom tea is a much more agreeable experience for our kratom connoisseurs. With the right preparation it’s comparable to a potent green tea aroma, although it might be rather bitter.

Making a great cup of kratom tea that is effective as well as still somewhat palatable takes some experimentation. An enthusiastic group of kratom connoisseurs got together to check out a few of the kratom tea recipes on the net and sent us their results. Making Kratom Tea

Amazing benefits of Kratom

Kratom Benefits

Kratom is derived from an evergreen tree that comes from the coffee family and grows in South East Asia. It has been used in traditional Thai medicine because it has stimulant and opiate like effects. It doesn’t however have any addictive qualities which makes it safer to use. But nevertheless it continues to be illegal to use in many countries. There has been a great controversy about taking Kratom as many people swear by its effects to manage chronic pain and to handle drug effects.

In this article we will talk in detail about the benefits of Kratom, Canada looks forward to this ancient tree.