Maeng Da lovers! Red Horn Kratom in Canada!

Red Horn is also known as “tri Horned” or “Spiked Leaf”, this is since the tips are jagged in a manner like many the Maeng Da kratom leaves are. Nonetheless the lower part of the leaf appears similar to that of the Red Vein kratom.

What makes this worth noting over some of the other effects is that some users have even reported the aroma as a painkiller better than powerful opiates without leaving them feeling groggy or “high.” Furthermore, the sedative and mood-lifting effects of Red Horn are some of the best that any variety of kratom provides.

Red Horn Kratom

Red Horn Kratom

Naturally grown and completely organic, the Red Horn Kratom leaves are hand picked from only matured trees in the center of the Indonesian jungles within Pontianak.

Folks familiar with the best selling Maeng Da and Green Horned varieties of Kratom are guaranteed to fall in love with Red Horn. The aroma is very similar to that of Green Horn, but with a mellow addition of euphoria. The traditional Maeng Da Thai Kratom is really known as the red veined horned kratom strain but is separated from this Red Horned form which primarily originates in the Malayo-Indonesian Isles instead inside the mainland of South East Asia.

This form can be described to hold both features of Green Horn and Maeng Da. Its geographical place distribution flourishes and is extremely similar to the Green Horn through a lot of the locations that are similar and underneath the similar development conditions including soil temperature, humidity, etc. Yet, Red Horn Kratom is phenotypically similar or even identical to the traditional Maeng Da, but fortunately, its aromatic properties mix the best of both varieties that blends the most sought after properties from both strains in one.

Without a doubt this can be an exceptional variety for the connoisseur that loves Green Horn kratom’s uplifting and pleasant aroma, with a relaxing blend of sedation and euphoria.