Red Riau Kratom in Canada

A new strain, Red Riau Kratom in Canada, hails from the Riau province of Indonesia, situated on the Southeast coast of the Sumatra Island. The Red Riau Kratom leaves possess interesting properties which make them a rewarding experience for almost any adventurous Kratom user.

red riau kratom

Red Riau Kratom

Riau Kratom is harvested from Kratom trees in the main and secondary forests of Riau. Powder from the leaves is obtained after undergoing extensive high-end harvest, drying, and processing techniques.

Riau features a unique growing environment, creating a Kratom tree with common characteristics from both Sumatra and Borneo areas in Indonesia. Most the effects of the strain are associated with other Indonesian-based strains but with a definite characteristic that’s noticeable among kratom users. Also, the strain features a sweet flavor that is among the numerous explanations why it’s been desired from individuals who feel Kratom to be unpleasant when it comes to taste. The nature of Red Riau makes it a great choice for kratom tea.

It really is equally euphoric with the famous Red Veined Sumatra kratom powder, although some users stated that it’s more calming. You can find reviews that are positive that describe its effects as ‘something pleasant for your body and mind’, and it’s also less bitter to the tastebuds too.

Riau Indonesia

Riau Indonesia

Red Riau kratom is calm in nature and functions efficiently as a pain killer and anxiolytic. The leaf is claimed to be less intense in comparison to its close variants such as the Red Thai kratom or Red Borneo (Bali) kratom. However at the same time, it provides an array of benefits including treatment for anxiety, mood enhancement, and acts as muscle relaxant. When it comes to kratom, Canadians love the aroma of Red Riau.

It shares a great deal in common with the Red Veined Sumatra kratom powder and is euphoric, though certain reviews say it’s more soothing. Users say it’s a relaxing strain with enjoyable effects on your body and mind. Additionally, this strain is especially attractive for many individuals may be the undeniable fact that it really is less bitter and far tastier, which makes it much simpler to take. You are able to either consume it raw or make your own personal tea.