Red Sumatra Kratom in Canada Now!

Red Sumatra is a very fine Red Vein Kratom Powder, evolving from the forests of Sumatra.
Sumatra Kratom is lighter in color than Malay or Borneo kratom, however the alkaloid content is higher.

red sumatra kratom

Red Sumatra Kratom

Sumatra Red Vein Kratom stands apart among all red veined strains as possibly the most relaxing leaf on the market. Produced from south Asian trees, kratom is renowned to produce both uplifting and deeply tranquil physical sensations in users. Aficionados searching for the best stress relief and muscle relaxer have met their match with Kratom grown in Sumatra. Its copious leaves can engender a robust physical sedative-like effect, while bathing the mind in meditative satisfaction. Red veined Sumatra Kratom is unrivaled.

The island of Sumatra is amongst the largest inhabited islands on the planet, having a population over 50 million residents and is the indigenous home of our beloved Mitragyna Speciosa tree, also referred to as Kratom. Canada has only recently discovered this wonderful tree.

For centuries, locals used Red Sumatra Kratom as part of everyday life. Local would chew  upon the raw leaves, experiencing a complete array of body and mind relaxing effects, as well as a few significant health related benefits. Perhaps Kratom’s predominant use within Sumatran culture over countless generations has contributed to a relaxed, “island” life-style.

Sumatra Island

Sumatra Island

Red Sumatra Kratom is gathered from only mature trees and processed in accordance with strict guidelines, the alkaloid content is well preserved. Lab tests show our Sumatra Kratom features a higher content of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine then almost every other commercial Kratom powders available. Our test adventurers discovered that a dosage of 7 to 10 grams caused strong effects and discover that Sumatra Red Vein stacks up perfectly to the strong Thai Kratom powders. Commonly used in kratom tea blends.

Red Sumatra Kratom, however, may deliver its potent, pleasurable effects for approximately 10 hours. This longer-duration experience will not include over-tiredness, but rather is frequently reported to keep an atmosphere of consistent, naturally relaxed energy, accompanied by an all-natural subsiding of effects.