Buying Kratom in Canada: Know the differences.

What is “Premium” Kratom? A majority of Kratom on the market originating from Indonesia is grown on farms. They will have rows and rows of Mitragyna speciosa trees anywhere from 4ft high to 8-10ft high of various strains. These trees are generally anywhere from 1-5 years old. The flour or “powder” obtained from these trees have the characteristics and effects of their designated strain, however they generally are lower on alkaloid content, and have a very distinct flavor, which some have compared to “grass clippings and chalk”. To raise the alkaloid content and produce the effects the producer desires for the strain, they mix in flour obtained from older trees. While the taste may be horrible, this keeps the cost of production down. This also allows for a wider spectrum of kratom varieties available, as well as some wild and crazy names.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this process, if fact, Kava producers have been doing the same thing for decades. With Kava, the roots have the highest concentration of alkaloids, but limited availability. So what they’ll do is harvest “root chips” from the point where the tree enters the ground. The root chips are safe and plentiful, but have a low alkaloid content. They will blend ground root chips, with actual roots to bring up the alkaloid content, producing a final product that is almost indistinguishable from root powder alone.

Premium Kratom is harvested from mature trees, many from deep in the forests of Indonesia. The leaves from these trees are large, and have a high alkaloid content. Not only is the alkaloid content higher, but each individual strain has its own very distinct flavor, more of a strong black or green tea flavor. Some bitter, some sweet. Unfortunately this increases the cost of the kratom due to the extra effort it requires to obtain and harvest. And as well, to preserve the trees for future generations, only a limited amount is harvested making the amount of Premium Kratom powder available in shorter supply. We expect as the popularity of Kratom rises, the supply of Premium Kratom will diminish. Hopefully with the conservation efforts of the harvesters, the old growth will be maintained and it will still be available for many years to come.
True Kratom connoisseurs appreciate the flavors and richness of Premium Kratom, and can notice the subtle changes in the flavors and aroma throughout the changes in the seasons.